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December 2, 2012
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Glad I crashed the wedding
Prussia x reader fanfic

Prussia's pov~
"Bruder! You have mail!" yelled west.
"vat?!" I ran upstairs and swiped it from his hand, "Of course I do! No one can help contacting zis awesome!" I laughed.
"It's from ____." He said as he walked away.
I stopped dead, I had not heard from ___ in months. I had broken up with her months ago. It took me at least 3 weeks of drinking to at least get out of my UN awesome depression.
'Vat could she want? Maybe she wants to get back together?!' I ripped the envelope and took out the card.
It was white with frills and bells on it, I fell back on my couch staring at the card I held in my hands.
The card read, "you are invited to the wedding of ____  _____ and Roderick (insert his last name here because I forgot how to spell it :P) on Jordan street this Saturday."
"Sh-shes getting married?" I said stunned, "a-and to that UN awesome guy?"
Everything stopped for me all I heard was, "great he's depressed again… I better call over his friends there I don't have time for this."
A few minutes later I heard my friends run in, "Where is he?!" yelled France.
"Oh crap he in critical condition! We have to get him some beer stat!" yelled France.
I dint move, or blink I just stared at the card in my hand.
As France ran into the kitchen Spain looked over my shoulder, "France comes take a look at this!"
"France came back in with a bunch of beers, "what?!"
He looked over my other should, "oh sheet! She's getting married?!"
"You mean you didn't know? I got an invitation the other day." Said Spain.
France freaked I didn't get one!"
"Well that's probably because you creep her out." Said Spain.
"NOT the time! Gilbert needs us right now!"
"Oh yeah… SNAP OUT OF IT MI AMIGO!!!" I felt some one slap me in the face and I came back.
"Wow Antonio I never knew you were so forceful." France laughed creepily.
"Guys she's getting married! T-To HIM!" I yelled, "vat should the awesomeness; that is me; DO?!?!"
Franc sat down across from me, "how much do you want her back?"
"I jumped off the couch, "Anysing! I can't let her get married to zat UN awsome Austrian!  She's mine!"I yelled.
"Zen I ave' an idea." France gained an evil French smirk.
"What?" asked Antonio.
"What we do best, were gonna mess some sheet up." Said Francis.
Yeah so we were on our way to put our plan in action when FRANCIS had to run a red light and now we had the cops chasing us, "verdamit! Give me the wheel frenchie!" I yelled trying to take the wheel.
"No get your own!"
"Guys keep your eyes on the road!"
I knocked my elbow into the radio and a song came on that started with wedding bells and turned into a rocking guitar beat.
I'm so rushed off my feet
looking for Gordon Street
So much I need to say
I'm sorry that it's on her wedding day

This song gave me the best idea ever, "France book it! I need an amp and microphone!"
"Are you insane ze cops are right behind us!"
"I don't care! To the nearest Music store mine French friend!" I pointed to the music store.
France stopped and I ran out of the car into the store, "sir I need a mic and amp!
I paid him the money loaded it into the car.
Apparently the guys explained what was going on and the cops gave them a warning.  
"Thank gott!"
Coz she's so right for me
her daddy disagrees
He's always hated me
because I never got a J-O-B.
We sped to the church and I jumped out of the car with the amp and mic in hand. I had bought the song on my iPod in the car.
~inside the church~
"Does anyone have any objections to this marriage?" said the priest.
The doors slammed open and your head turned to the huge doors at the end of the church. And there was your ex Gilbert there with an amp and mic. The amp clipped to his pants so he didn't have to carry it.
"I DO!" He yelled.
"Gilbert what are you doing here?!" yelled Roderick.
"Crashing your wedding!" Gilbert turned on the amp with the mic and iPod attached and a song played as he sang along,
"Cause she's mine
and I'm glad I Crashed the Wedding
it's better than regretting
I could have been an UN awesome kid
Ran away and hid
But it's the best thing that I ever did"
Roderick was beyond pissed and dialed the police, "Gott verdamnit! Second time with the police today! O vell!" Gilbert jumped up on the stage and run up to you singing the next verse,
"Coz true love lasts forever
And now we're back together
It's as if he'd never met her
So looking back
I'm glad I Crashed the Wedding"
As the chorus played Gilbert smirked, "so vat do you say _____? Wanna get back together with the awesome me?"
You blushed, "I-I, OF COURSE!" you jump hugged him.
He picked you up bridal style and ran out the door yelling, "SUCK IT LOOSERS!"
He put you in the car with him and yelled at France top drive, the song continued to play the whole time.
The neighbors spread the word
and my mum cried when she heard
I stole my girl away from everybody gathered there that day
just in time
The cops again were chasing the car and you were laughing the whole way while France ran lights and stop signs while crying, "I WONT LAST A DAY IN THE BIG HOUSE! THE THINGS I DO FOR FRIENDS!"
Gilbert continued to sing,
"And I'm glad I Crashed the Wedding
it's better than regretting
I could have been an UN awesome kid
Ran away and hid
I said I'd do it and I did

Coz true love lasts forever
And now we're back together
It's as if he'd never met her
So looking back
I'm glad I Crashed the Wedding

Don't wish she's being Mad at me for taking her away
'cause anyway she didn't want to stay
So please believe me when I say
She's glad I crashed the wedding
It's better than regretting

You gave him a kiss on the cheek "thanks Gil."
"No prob." He gave you a hug.
"awwww~ isn't that sweet? I'm so happy for you guys Gil." Spain said with a smile. Then he began to spaz and freak out, "BUT WERE ALL GOINGT TO JAIL!!!! THEY WILL BEAT ME UP IN A SECOND!!!! MY BEAUTIFUL FACE~~~~" Spain cried.
You and Gil laughed.
~ Years later~

It was the 3rd anniversary of you and Gilberts wedding and you sat together on the couch watching your kid run around and play with the blocks.
You leaned on his shoulder, "hey Gil?"
"Thank you for that day… If you didn't stop the wedding our kid wouldn't be here right now and I probably would have been sad the rest of my life." You gave him a peck on the cheek.
He smirked and hugged you, "I'm glad I crashed the wedding~" you both laughed

Ze end peeps!
~cue guitar at the end of the song~
Look Im still here lol XD
I was listening to this song and had to write something for it XD
I dont own hetalia or the song or youI only own the story.
and the song is "Glad i crashed the wedding" by busted
you should really listen ^^
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deathkisser100 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
This is awesome
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OMG I was watching 'CrimsonHourCosplay [APH CMV] the last night' when I came across this and there so similar to it that I cried for joy cos I wanted to be in Hungary's situation on some scenes seriously you should check it out…  
Brittay-the-bookworm Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
what about France and Spain did they go to the big house? o.o 
with that being said i love the story! it's was funny and so cute~! x3 
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~cue guitar at the end of the song~... actual guitar solo from the tv! and then 'Cross Fight B-Daman' shows up! (i like that show for some reason! idk why)
Akari-Sakumi Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaa, Gil you had me back the moment you said, 'she's mine'.
(Which was proven by the fact that I squealed so hard when I read that.)
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Not Spain's beautiful face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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